Question on Miu Miu Bow Satchel in Grey

  1. I am new to this forum and I have a quick question on the miu miu bow satchel in smokey grey. For those of you with the purse, what is the Italian name for the grey color? I bought a bow satchel at Saks today and the tag says that the color is "alluminio". Is this the smokey grey color? looks a little light to me.

    Btw, for those of you looking for the bow satchel in "alluminio", there are still a few left at the Saks in Chicago.

    Thanks for helping out! :yes:
  2. Hi,
    I don't know the official name for the smoke grey but "allumino" NOT the smoke grey. It is the new color that is slightly lighter than the smoke grey. I have not seen it in person but this is what I was told by a SA. Can you post a picture of your bag so I can see the difference?
  3. Hi,
    I noticed that a lot of people on this forum are looking for the bow satchel bag in smoke grey. I personally in love with this bow satchel bag in chocolate brown. I saw it 2 weeks ago at Holt Renfrew Toronto but I couldn't make up my mind back then. Now when I have decided to get the bag, they do not have the brown one anymore. They said the chocolate brown colour was from last season (fall/winter 2007/08). They now have the same bag in pink which they told that this is a new colour for spring 2008.

    I have a question... I do interested in the smoke grey too.. I have never seen the bow satchel in the smoke grey colour before... it is probably because Toronto doesn't have a complete selection of colours. Is the smoke grey a new colour (spring 2008? the same season as the pink one?) or is it from previous seasons? The reason I am asking this question is that I am wondering if the Holt Renfrew Toronto store will have the smoke grey one later in the future.............

    Thanks... =)
  4. I don't know what season it is from but the smoke grey is not a new spring 08 color. I am actually going to Toronto next week, what other departments stores have miu miu besides holt renfrew? Do you know how much they run there? TIA
  5. "Alluminio" is the Italian word for a shade of grey lighter than the smoke grey (called "grigio fumo"). In Italy the colour of the bow satchel is just called "grigio", so I don't know if it comes in two different shades of grey, but should be..
  6. Hi Twigski,

    I don't know any other department stores that have miu miu bags besides Holt Renfrew, I want to know too... I really really want to search for the chocolate brown one...
    As for the small bow satchel, they are selling it for cad$1380. I just went this weekend, they have the pink one available...
  7. Thanks for the info. I was told by DF that canada has 2 different sales taxes that are applied so I guess I won't be doing much shopping there. I'm in limbo right now because When I placed the order for my bow satchel I was told it would arrive in a week. Then a week later I was told by another SA that the expected quantity did not arrive :sad: So I have to wait & see.
  8. Awww? maybe they will have the shipment later?
    Yeah, that's the bad thing shopping in Toronto, tax is 14%. However I heard that you can refund the sales tax if you are US/international visitor... I am uncertain though, you may have to check with customs beforehand..
    I think all three Holt Renfrew stores in Toronto have the pink bow satchel.. if you like the colour and can't find it in your home town.. you may consider getting it...

    Sigh... I am still desperately looking for the chocolate brown colour...
  9. I think I saw the chocolate brown at but it is the larger sz
  10. i already posted on another thread but it was the wrong one! oops. heres a pic of the bow satchel in grey.
  11. there is a new grey that is much lighter than the old smoke grey which is more of a grey/taupe. the new grey has no browns at all -- i would call it a dove grey. Barney's has it.
  12. I am so confused...I just bought the mini bow satchel in light grey from Bergdorf Gooman and in my order summary, they put the color as "peitra" and I was thinking that it was more of a whitish pale grey but it came out as a light greyish/taupe. Does this mean they don't make that whitish pale grey anymore? Is that from the old season? :weird:
  13. Which is considered light grey? These look totally different in is more white-grey and the other one more taupe-grey...
    Here's the white-grey on the left:

    lighter grey

    And here's the taupe/grey:

    taupe grey
  14. light grey should be pomice. If you want to make sure just go on and choose the italian language. it will show the original italian names of the color.