Question on Messenger Bag

  1. I was in the 57th st. NYC Chanel today and saw a beautiful black bag. the ticket said messenger bag. it was somewhat slouchy with a zipper top. The shoulder handle was quilted and the silver hardware was on the sides of the bag. there was also a good sized quilted flap pocket on the outside. It think it was lambskin since it was very soft, I was in a rush and only looked quickly but can't get it out of my mind. I think it was around $2300 plus. Sorry i can't remember anymore details but if anyone knows more about this style and or has a photo they can post, I would greatly appreciate it.
  2. Sounds interesting...look forward to seeing pictures too!
  3. ooooh!sounds cool!Anyone knows what this bag is????
  4. was it the sharpey? those are slouchy and one has metal on the sides. I don't know that it would be called the messenger though. Lemme see if I can take the picture from an email that my SA sent me.
  5. no it won't let me get it