question on mahina stellar

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  1. hello to all..i'm beginning to like the mahina stellar because it's versatile--handheld/shoulder and it has a questions are: how structured or saggy is this bag? is it ok to use this bag during rainy/snowy days? i noticed that both ends of the zipper have gaps between the zipper ends and the bag itself..i'm just concerned that if the bag is zipped (closed), would there still be gaps between the zipper ends and the bag itself? thank you?
  2. Getting this bag in taupe any day now..just waiting for the delivery guy to come through for me!! I will be using mine in the snow.
  3. It comes in taupe also :drool: I can only see a poudre, ciel, noir and anthracite on the website
  4. oh hi!! when you get your stellar, can you pls post some modelling pics and pictures of the bag in all angles possible, especially the top when it is zipped close? happy for you! congratulations in advance..btw, in what country is the taupe available? coz it's not in the u.s. website..thank you :biggrin:
  5. I saw the Stellar GM in anthracite at the store a few weeks ago and its TDF! I love the size and color. You should go for it!:smile:
  6. It's a very nice bag and yes, you should go for it....only if you love it.
  7. I have the Stellar PM in Ciel. It's very slouchy shape. No issues with the zipper. It's one of my favs.

    Here is the link to my reveal, if you want to have a look:

    Modelling pics post # 92

    Good luck deciding!