Question on LV Wallet - damier or mono

  1. Hey everyone!

    I would like to buy an LV Wallet, for daily use, but I'm having trouble choosing between damier and monogram. This would be my first LV wallet, and I think I prefer the monogram, but I'd like to know wether the monogram will stay in good shape as long as the damier. Is the damier more durable than the monogram?

    I just looked on eBay to find pictures of an opened wallet, and I noticed that some used wallets (all monogram) looked awefull on the inside (and some even on the outside as well). The brown leather inside was all stained and on the outside, the flap of the wallet "curled" to all sides. Maybe those were fake wallets or there's some others explanation, but, I'm kinda worried about spending a lot of money on a wallet that looks terrible after one year.
  2. I'm pretty sure Mono and Damier are both equally durable. Which would make this only a question of preference.
  3. Damier canvas and mono canvas are made of the same materials, so they should be equally durable. Some of the wallets you saw online probably looked bad, because they were either heavily used or fake.
  4. Okay, thanks! Now I can buy the monogram without worrying :smile:
  5. I have used my mono wallet every day for over a year and a half and it shows NO signs of wear whatsoever, totally worth the money and I feel so cool pulling it out of my speedy!
  6. If you get a REAL damier or mono wallet, they will stay in great shape for many years! Save up for a new one-- not worth getting a messed up one. Both Mono and Damier are equally durable!
  7. Thanks everyone. I was just checking eBay to get a better look on the inside of the wallets, but I'm planning to buy a new and real one.
  8. :tup:I own both mono and canvas, the mono the longest and they both look great. I think they are equal as far as how sturdy they are and how long they will last. I have the two-sided wallet in the mono (I think they refer to it as billets) and the french wallet in the Damier. I am not crazy about the french wallet, but LOVE the two-sided style!!! In fact, I like that style so much, I bought it in the EPI line as well. Do you know what style you are wanting, for this may also play a role in your decision, for some canvas look better in some styles than another?
  9. I'm glad you decided to get a new one ... you'll love and enjoy any LV wallet for years to come.:tup:
  10. Yeah, I'd never thought about buying a used one... like you said, I really want a wallet that I can enjoy for many years.

    I'm not really sure yet. I would like a wallet that's easy to use. I like the "Monogram Canvas Wallet with Zip Pocket", but it's quite large, and since I love wearing small pouchettes, that could be a problem. For a smaller wallet, I love the look of the "compact zippy wallet", but it don't know if it's as easy to use as the larger one.
    Which wallet do you mean by "two sided walled"? Do you mean the Porte Trésor International?
  11. Both are equally durable... just up to your preference (although if you're considering Damier Azur, I think it will show dirt sooner than Damier Ebene or Mono Canvas).
  12. I like mono wallets better then damier. I was so surprised at the durability. I have a mono koala and stupid me had a gallon of water inside my gym bag one day and it leaked and soaked my wallet!! I was convinced that it would do some damage or at least change the shape, but it looked new still after it dried!
  13. I love the mono. I just got the zippy wallet in mono and love it!
  14. A friend of mine showed me her koala damier today. Such a beautiful wallet! I think my decision's made! Only, I'm gonna buy it in monogram.
  15. I have only mono wallets and they are standing the test of time.