Question on LV Sunnies.

  1. I am interested in getting a pair of sunnies and have searched the forum, but I am not sure which pair to get and unfortunately I do not live near an LV Store to try any on :crybaby:, so my question is does anyone know a pair that would look good on a round face. Or I guess better yet, if you own sunnies can you post pics of you wearing them. The sunnies thread has pictures but a few of the styles I am interested in, no one is modeling them. This is probably a tall order I know, but can anyone help. :search:
  2. Which styles are you interested in?
  3. well if you have a rounder face, definitely go for a pair with SQUARE/RECTANGULAR frames that are slightly more vertical than horizontal (ie the height is larger than the width of each frame) to elongate your face. I'd probably suggest the Obsession carre for you. The Conspiration MM or GM might also be a good choice, but if you have a wide nose, then don't go for this cuz the nose bridge is thin and tends to bring more attention to the nose...
    I have some modelling pix too but my face is kinda ovalish-long, so I tried to balance it with a round pair of sunnies (Soupcon rond)... which isn't very helpful to you lol.
    Anyway, hope this helps...
  4. Soupcon or obsession...
  5. Took the words right out of my mouth :tup:
  6. In addition to what Cec said, just try to stay away from oval/round frames because it won't balance...
  7. What about these...
  8. hmmm... ya, I'm gonna discourage you from getting a soupcon cuz both the PM and GM versions are very horizontal which is the last thing you want for your face shape, and the Rond version doesn't help either...

    here's a model with the GM

    see above. Not only do you not want round frames like Karman said, also try to stay away from horzontal ones as well.
  9. And of course elux only has obsession squares at this time. I was interested in the obession carre.
  10. Carre is the french word for square, they are the same thing :yes:

    I have the Obsession Carres in black and absolutely love them. Best sunnies I've ever had and perfect for a rounder face. :tup:
  11. These are the ones I have, and I have a very round face. I love the way they look.

  12. Oh, okay thank you. DUH

  13. Do you have a pic with these on?
  14. My face is pretty round and I just got the Thelma's..they are TDF! you should definetly see if there are any available locally.
  15. I have the soupcons and I have a round face. I love them wear them everyday. I like the obsessions too, but I don't really have a bridge so it didn't fit right and sat more on my cheeks.