Question on LV Shoes

  1. I spotted a nice pair of LV shoes on eBay. I'm size 6, the shoes I'm talking about are 6.5. Seller does not accept returns. Does any of you know if LV run true size? I would love to get those shoes! TIA!:nuts:
  2. Newer ones (from about late last year and on) run more true to size but if they're an older pair, you need to go a half a size to a whole size up.
  3. I agree. Go up a size-size and a half.
  4. What the previous posters have said are true. You need to go up 1/2 size to a full size up unless they are from recent collections. Ask the seller to tell you the date code on them and you should be able to figure out when the shoe was made :smile:
  5. i have older shoes and i need to go up at least half a size
    and for the lomboks i went up a size
    however at the boutique recently i tried on some newer shoes and they were practically TTS