Question on low cut vamps

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  1. Hey, looks like I can start a thread! :smile: (Strange rule :P ).

    Didn't get any responses to my question in another thread, so I'll try again.

    Got these green suede shoes. Not designer, not expensive, but I like them. Problem is, they hurt my toes. I've compared them to others that fit OK, and they're the same width, maybe even a little bit wider. But they're cut lower across the toes. Maybe that's why? I have weird toes too, kind of crooked. A little extra meaty too due to a few pound that need to go, so maybe a combination of everything?

    I read something somewhere about ice bags that will maybe stretch them a little? Does that work for synthetics, or only natural materials?


  2. Hi yes you can stretch them with ice bags but I find with shoes not made of leather best way to stretch is actually wearing them and heating the toe area with your blow drier.

    Personal experience , I have hammered toes and bunions so know all to well about painful toe boxes .
  3. Shoes are very nice and sexy, with toe cleavage. When i have such a pair which kill my toes, if i like so much that pair, i wear them as much as possible till they stretch (if they stretch). Of course i accept the pain, blisters and corns, there are part of the game, but this depends of you, how much you can deal with them.
    My pain tolerance is quite big if i like a pair of heels, even they are one size smaller i never give up. It's up to you to choose the way, but they are very nice and worth the effort to stretch them. Maybe some modelling pics will be useful for the right advice.

  4. I was wondering about heat too. I thought I had some shoe trees somewhere, but I can't find them right now.

    Need to try them around the house some more I guess. Mail order, so not worth sending back.
  5. They don't feel as bad today for some reason.

    Maybe they're stretching out a bit. Maybe feet were swelled some.
  6. i told you...wear them as much as you can. Another tip for faster results is to wear them outside when you cannot change with other shoes, maybe it will be painful at first, but result will come faster.
    Good luck!
  7. I'm trying. Standing up, they still cut the little toe quite a bit but I think they'll be OK before too long. Need to get some shoe trees though and work on them a bit more.

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  8. Good Luck! They Look great on your feet, don,t give up.
  9. They look nice on and quite comfortable ( good fit ) like Luiza said wear them as much as you can to stretch them and another trick if there pressing bad on your toes during the breaking in period try some corn pads on your toes , know they don't look very nice but at home no one will know lol it works wonders.

  10. Interesting idea.

    Damn hose shine too much with the flash :P Oh well, feet go in easier that way than bare.
  11. Your shoes look so sweet and it is worth persevering if you like them, never easy wearing in a new pair of high heels. I wear them around the house with thick socks on till they stretch enough.

    I also suffer now with bunions and corns, it makes the pointed toes a bit harder to stretch now, Sharon's corn pad will work, I.usually cut a bit of moleskin and put it on baby toes the shape I need. You can also wear it out without it being noticed
  12. You could try stretching the shoes if you can find a shoe service with a proper stretching machine. Somehow I feel that the hint of toe cleavage actually makes your foot look longer, which is a good thing!