Question on Legacy Ali

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  1. For those of you who have Ali's, especially whiskey, do they scratch or get nicks in them easily? I see in the boutiques on other handbags/accessories that are in colors natural, brown, camel, etc. some look like they have marks on them. If so, can you get these out easily?
  2. Yes, the whiskey does get scratched but you can rub the scratches out with your finger. Do not use coach cleaner/moisturizer on the legacy leather.
  3. I have a whiskey Mandy and a brown Ali (black Ali and pond shoulder bag). And the whiskey and brown bags do scratch fairly easily, but they rub out fairly easily as well. The leather is very vintage looking. While and black and pond don't scratch easily and they look more contempory than vintage. And this is why I love the two different types of leather. But I think that the legacy style bags have a vintage feel and therefore look the best with the vintage leathers (whiskey and brown) . . . . .
  4. They pretty much answered the question. I have the whiskey Ali and as they said, it does scratch easily but you just rub the scratch out with your finger and the oils from your hand take care of most of it. Overall the little marks will end up adding to the vintage look of the bag.
  5. I agree. I have a whiskey ali and it's held up well (although I sort of baby it) but i feel that the scratches will just add to the vintage look. It will just look lovlier as it gets older.
  6. There are scratches even before I bought it but heck, it was the last piece and i just got to have it! : )
  7. Thanks for all the information. I should be receiving my Ali mid to end of the week.