Question on Hermes GM zip agenda refills

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  1. I have been combing this website for info on using refills from other brands to fit my brand new :smile: GM zip agenda. I haven't seen anything here to really answer that. Recently on ebay I saw this Bottega venetta agenda that appears to have hooks - I am wondering if anyone knows if BV makes refills that would fit H (not that they would necessarilly be any less expensive)?

  2. the coach 3x5 refills work on my GM (regular not zip) agenda. only thing i don't like is each day "box" is lined and there's less writing space than the hermes refill because coach prints the current month and next month at the right bottom corner every week in view. if you don't have much to write, this might be good option for you.
  3. Thansk for the link - I did read that thread - this website is addictive.

    I see I wrote incorrectly - the zip agenda I purchased is the Globe Trotter, with 2 hooks. I found a website called they feature A5, A6, A7 inserts in a large variety with the same type of hook/ring setup. They don't seem to be in the US, so I am wondering if anyone near them would know if they fit. anothrer website is They claim to have refills to fit about anything, and have a large variety of sizes. any suggestions?

    I also have an open vision agenda. In it I keep the address book from Daytimers, wirebound - I think it's the pocket size. I like it because you can add extra pages (I don't know if they still sell the extra pages to put in), and there is a "double" cover on the back, folded in, so that you can insert it into the front cover of your agenda. (don't know if I am explaining that clearly).

    Any and all suggestions from non-Hermes inserts are welcome. I am especially looking for 1 month over 2 pages in the Globe trotter size.