Question on Hermes Dust Bag

  1. Hi everyone,

    A friend of mine has a 30 cm Birkin with a dust bag that is beige with a brown Hermes insignia. I thought that all Hermes dust bags are orange. I'm just curious whether this is a new trend or not???

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  2. Yes, there has been a change in dust bags. There was a thread by Hermesgroupie informing us about it.
  3. could be an older dust bag. My old Kelly has a dust bag that is like that.
  4. My favorite dust bag is the one previous to the orange, the velveteen beige it is thicker and protects the bags better -imho. And the older thin beige fabric is my least favorite.
  5. My Kelly from 1993 has a brown dustbag, too.
  6. Right now they are transitioning from orange to a light gray.
  7. ^^ mizzle, it's actually a taupe/cream herringbone, which we can only hope will be more difficult for the counterfeiters. i love this fabric -- it's the same as what they use for the saddle covers.
  8. Is it still like the fabric of the orange ones?
  9. no -- it's like the herringbone that they use to line some of the bags. it was the lining for an amazonia bag that i once had, and i think it's also the lining for the matte croc birkins.
  10. It's the lining in the Masai.
  11. Learn something new every day.
  12. It's definaely is the inide lining of the Massai and Trim Bags. The dustbags for the shoes have changed as well, it is also the new beige/grey dustbag. The new dustbag can be compared to the small dustbag that comes with the small Hermessence perfumes.
  13. Mine came with one as well. According to the ladies on this site, they're changing the sleepers to the herringbone design b/c to prevent replicas.
  14. wow. you learn something new everyday. i guess this means i should cherish my orange babies. does this mean that the bags that return fr. the spa will have the new bags as well? assuming they don't leave w/ their own, of course.
  15. ^^ Not all H stores. The one in SG does not give away new sleeper bags. They don't even give you an orange carrier bag ~ just any other recycled shopper bag other customers bring in, or from their SAs! I look forward to the day they standardise their practices, to give away new sleeper bags. Give the H bags some dignity!!