Question on Gucci Marmont

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  1. Is Gucci Marmont still 'trending' & in demand?
    Trying to see if I need to get some.
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  2. Marmont is here to stay! It's a classic bag.
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  3. Got it, keeping that in mind
  4. Hi
    I'm in Melbourne and I see a lot of women wearing the marmont.
    In my opinion it's definitely a timeless bag especially if you get the black.
    Which size were you thinking of getting?
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  5. Hey thanks for sharing that!

    Honestly, no idea lol; I was super in LV but now want to try a different style.
    I got my eyes on GG Marmont small matelassé shoulder bag, yes. Black for sure. Although Red seems classic too ahhh lol
  6. I was about to ask the same question. I am looking at the Small Camera Bag as well.
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  7. I recently picked up the medium in porcelain rose. It is the perfect pinky nude IMO. I just ❤️ it.
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  8. The design was quite influenced by Chanel chain bags and if they stay popular so will the Marmont.
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  9. UHH sounds so good! lol show us when you get a sec
  10. That is such a great point. And marmont is way cheaper too lol. Very similar look though.
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  11. Of course. ANY chance to take her out of her bag and play. :love:

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  12. I may look at the preloved market since I am not sure if the Marmont line’s popularity would stay long.
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  13. So pretty! Thanks for sharing :heart::heart:
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  14. Good idea! I will look into it. thanks for the suggestion!
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  15. Thank you. You are most welcome. As a mom, it’s too small for me for an every day bag, so I love taking her out of the dust bag and admiring her when given the opportunity. Once my kids are older and I don’t need to carry the kitchen sink with me; then I can use her more frequently. :girlsigh:
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