Question on getting acrylic tips done:

  1. I'm planning to get a manicure tomorrow, but this time it will be with acrylic gel tips added on. My question is, how long do your natural nails have to be to do that? I cut mine short today coz I forgot I was planning on getting them done, lol. Anyone know if its ok with short nails? TIA!
  2. You're fine, you don't need free edge to have the tips applied. If you were doing sculptured nails it would make it harder but not for tips and overlays.
  3. Ah thanks. Guess its ok then :smile:
  4. Yeah, it will be fine. When I used to get them done my natural nails were so short they didn't even have a white tip.

    Enjoy your pretty new nails! :flowers:
  5. And show us some pics after you get them done!!
  6. Forgot that the salon is closed today, I'll prolly go on Thursday now. I'll prolly get a French manicure with tips or have light pink polish... so excited! :yahoo:
  7. ^^^i'm so excited for you....I LOVE getting my nails done!!!!
    Hope you post pictures!
  8. How long does it last and how much, if you don't mind me asking. :p
  9. It depends on where you live. Acrylic usually lasts about two weeks before you need a filling and can cost anywhere from $16.00 and up. Fillings can cost anywhere from $12.00 and up really depending on where you live.

    There's a place by my parent's house in Jamaica, Queens, I know it's kinda "ghetto" but they do some damn good nails and give you like crazy nail art if you want for free on all ten nails. I usually do that when I'm going out but on the normal I keep a short French.
  10. its def cheaper in ny at the korean salons...manis usually run $5-7. my sister lives in ct (a mere 40 mins from the city) and theyre like $25.

    however, going back to the french thing, when i had acrylics (years ago!) i used to get an american frenchs. basically the same thing with different colors, but it looks like natural nails. i also used to do a thin line of silver before the white part of the tip when i got a reg french that looked purty.
  11. i always get colored tips so its 30 dollars and a fill is between 12 and 16 dollars. i goto nail depot in glendale. their nails last forever. i didnt have the money to get a fill and i had them on a month i tried getting them off but it was a pain. i think i had to end up clipping them off and filing forever :sad: oh well at least i know they do a good job :p
  12. I hate what acrylics can do to you if you take them off...but they look so pretty!!! And the polish doesn't chip or anything like your natural nails. Now this thread is making me want to get my nails done. :rolleyes:
  13. I'm gonna do mine tomorrw, at last, lol.
  14. Usually the manicurist will cut your natural nails as short as possible anyways prior to applying the tips.

    I live in California and I pay $42.00 for a fill and $90.00 for a new full set (not including tip). If I get colored/sparkly acrylic, the price goes up. I also get acrylic pink and white on my toes so it looks just like a perfect french pedicure, but they NEVER chip. I love it, especially in the summer.

    Post pics!
  15. Where I live it totally depends on where you go... The "nice" salons and spas charge $50-100 (~$25 for refills) for an acrylic full set and every single time I had them done at one of these places I had at least one nail pop off within 24 hours :s

    The Asian nail places only charge $20-30 for a full set and then $10-15 for a refill. I've heard that it's cheaper because the products are "inferior", but it always took 2-3 weeks before I needed a refill and the nails never came off. The stores are always kept super clean and each person gets their own box of tools too :tup: