Question on French Purses...

  1. I'm thinking of getting the Hamptons Leather French Purse...does anyone own this one or another French purse? I'm used to bigger wallets such as the Hamptons Sig. Stripe Slim Envelope, so I'm wondering if French purses can hold a decent amount of cards, bills, and change. Change is what I'm most worried about...I usually always have kindof alot on me and I wouldn't want to keep it in a separate coin purse.

    Does anyone have a French Purse? How do you like it? TIA everyone!:heart:
  2. I have a legacy signature french framed wallet from '06. I also have a Gucci french wallet that I'm using now. They both hold quite a bit of cards and receipts (I hardly ever have cash on me), but I hardly ever put coins in the coin part..I usually throw coins in my Coach mini skinny. I love both of my wallets though!
  3. I just got one the other day (a Legacy) so I'll let you know!
  4. my french wallet has 10 card slots and an id case and a place to put change! however, if you have some extremely large amount of change on you, i'd get a wristlet for all of that, you don't want that making your wallet all bulgy. i don't even know of a wallet that would hold super large amounts of change.
  5. Yeah, the wallet I have now is just a cheap one from Old Navy I think? I just want a smaller wallet so I can fit it in my pouch with all of my other stuff. I have a small bulge of change, but I need to cut down on it this will be a step for me lol.
  6. I'd get a mini skinny for your extra change. The change part on the legacy french purse is very tiny.