Question on fit: Rolando vs Declic

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  1. Ladies, I saw a pair of mouth watering Rolandos online...never tried them in real life and need some help on sizing. Rolandos look to me like they may fit like that true? I've tried Declics and the best fit would be size 38, though the toe box is extremely tight and I decided not to get them...the 38.5 was too big.

    What would my Rolando size be? Would I get the same problem with smushed toes in a tight toe box?

    My other CL sizes are: NP in 37.5, simples in 38, pigalle 70 in 37.5 (tight toe box initially but stretched out fine now, and I can fit a 38 as well in pigalles with more comfort in the toe box). Fontanettes I am in between sizes....37.5 gives me painful toes and 38 slips at the heels.

    Thanks for your help! :love:
  2. I feel I have the same sizing issues as you do. My Rolando size and Declic size are the same. How big were the declics in 38.5? Would you be able to wear it with pads or heelgrips? If the Declics were a better fit in a 38 and felt as though the toebox was tight, my guess is the Rolandos would feel the same way.
  3. I guess we all have the same issues with size, or maybe it's the cut of these particular styles.... I agree with Lav, I wear the same size in declics and rolando's, Ill admit my declics ae quite a bit more comfy then the ro's, I think its the leather VS patent IMO... Im exact on the fontenettes, had to pass on them for the 37.5 was a bit snug and the 38 was sliding completely off, wierd
  4. I had the same problem with the red patent Rolandos. I wear a 40 in VPs and NPs and the 40 Rolando was too tight in the toe box. The 40.5 was too big and it flopped when I walked. My SA advised me not to get the 40.5 larger size because it might stretch even more and they are too long in the insole. She put the 40s on the shoe stretcher and stretched the toe box out. Now it is perfect!!! You can also do this at home with a thick pair of socks on your toe only and then jam your foot into the Rolando. Works like a charm! Good luck!!!

    BTW, I had the same problem with the Declics, but I ended up getting the 40.5 larger size. The 40s were too short in the insole length.
  5. If it helps Rolandos ran TTS for me - that's my natural size 37, which is half a size smaller than my Simple size (37.5) :shrugs:

    I didn't find the toe box hugely squished by CL standards. They might be a bit more forgiving because they're suede but I suspect when they've been worn in I might even need heel grips.
  6. I sized down a whole size in my Declics from my Rolandos! But i did put a heal thing in my Ros. And I don't need one in my Declics.
  7. :Push: does that mean I'm looking for the wrong size in declics EB? I'm looking at half a size up from my Ros (same as my VP and Decollete) :confused1: