Question on F/W 2006 - Cabas Vail Blanket

  1. While I was at the store this afternoon about to buy a Damier Lune Trottuer (but passed on it for today due to some imperfections on the bag), I saw this bag from the F/W 2006 Runway Show and thought it was interesting.

    What do you guys think of this bag? :tup: or :tdown:

    Any tPFer have this bag?:rolleyes: How's it holding up? Is the wool/cashmere material hard to maintain?


    Yaiks, this is BAAADD! I am starting to get addicted with collecting L.E. / Seasonal Men's bags. My poor bank account! :nogood:
    Vail Blanket.JPG
  2. I give this bag a HUGE :tup: I love it and you should get it;)
  3. I'm pretty sure deluxeduck has it. But, he's in Shanghai on holiday at the moment I think...let's hope he's reading this.
  4. I like it a lot and don't like the damier lune line atall my fav is the red and black combo which one did you see? I was thinking on getting one but got the Cabas Whistler instead...

  5. Wow, the Cabas Whistler is to die for!:drool::heart: My store actually has it and the inssbruck as well. But they are way more expensive compared to the vail blanket. :sweatdrop:

    I saw the blue/grey combination, which works better for me and my wardrobe compared to the red/black.:smile:

    How's your cabas whistler holding up? Does it maintain its shape even when loaded with heavy stuff (i.e. laptop)? I was fearing that it easily gets deformed.
  6. I love it- definitely more so than the Damier Lune.
  7. a definite :tup::tup: for me. its one of my best looking LV bags. i just love how its got a lot of references taken from their archives compared to the other two. the material is pretty sturdy and resilient. i've spilled water and it just remained on the surface. it doesn't snag or show dirt either. i would highly recommend it anyone who is accustomed to hand-held bags.
  8. its a nice bag... how much is it? where u see it?
  9. im not a fan of this bag, but my taste is very specific. i do agree however that the blue grey is a more versatile color palette.
  10. I LOVE my Cabas Whistler (suede brother to this Vail Blanket). I used it Sat. got tons of compliments! I love the Vail very much though.
  11. you mean you'r Innsbruck Cabas :smartass:
  12. haha yes LMM

    although I forget its name... I still love it haha

    You own the Whistler... durrr
  13. I want this bag!
  14. it rocks get it! ;)