Question on Edith

  1. Hi, I have the Edith in whiskey which I bought from Saks but I noticed the other day when I saw another Edith in a different color that the "pores" in the leather (you know the small dots that look like pores in the leather) were much more noticeable in the other purse I saw.You can see the pores in mine also when you look up close but they weren't as severe as the one I saw at the store and I have been looking at other peoples pictures of their Ediths and they look like mine so now I'm kind of confused.I know that no two Ediths are exactly alike when it comes to distressing could this be the reason or maybe the color of the Edith affects how sever the pores look? If anyone with an Edith could let me know what they think I'd really appreciate it!Thanks:smile:
  2. It sounds like the dots you are describing is pebbling in the leather. Some bags have a pebbled texture, while others have a smoother texture that is more lines than dots. Some people prefer a bag with more pebbling and others like a smoother texture.
  3. Yeah, that's just normal. Some bags come with heavier pebbling, some come super smooth. My whiskey is pretty smooth all around though you can see the pebbles, and my turq. is more uneven, has some bigger pebbling and smoother on others... it's just the way it is -- it adds more character I think!
  4. I agree with Roey & Conseco. The leather on the Edith differs on each bag. My whiskey is more pebbled on the left side. It doesnt bother me though and I think just adds more personality.;)
  5. I like the pebbliness and the fact that it isn't uniform everywhere. Agree with everyone who said that it gives personality!