Question on diorisimo bag

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  1. Hi! I am new to dior. I was wondering if anyone has this bag? It looks so pretty but I think it maybe too large? Does anyone have modeling pics? Thanks!

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  2. This is not the Diorissimo. I believe this new bucket style bag is called the Dioriffic. So far, I have not seen any at the US boutique, but a piece like that (from your picture) is rare and the US will probably only get at most 5 and the bags will be allocated to the flagship stores (i.e. New York/Las Vegas).
  3. You can also view them if you search for the recent Dior runaway show. This is a show piece bag.
  4. Thanks for correcting me! Yes it is diorific. I guess diorissimo was on my mind since I bought it today! Hahaha...thanks for the info too
  5. REVEAL PLEASE!!! :graucho::biggrin:

  6. Coming by mail soon!!! Will post when I get it. Can't wait!:yahoo: