Question on dating a vintage kelly

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  1. I had been looking for a vintage box sellier kelly as old as I am in very good condition for quite a while when I chanced upon a black box sellier kelly in a French auction. As I couldn't attend the auction, I had to bid based on pictures and discussing (at length!) with the expert. Despite there not being a craftspersons mark or year mark, I decided to go for it.

    I received her and was just amazed about the condition she was in. She was in the collection of a Countess who was an avid collector - so much so that much of the estate came to the expert in boxes and had been only lightly used. She will go to the spa for a new handle (some deep scuffing there), a new turnkey (loose) and general conditioning, but otherwise she is just breathtaking. The lining is in pristine condition (better than my own, much newer bags!).

    I am very far from an expert, and the woman from the auction house couldn't give me much guidance, but I know that there are some people here who are quite knowledgeable about vintage box. Could someone give me some idea of how old this Grande Damme is? She has no second ring for a strap (and didn't come with one) and there is no craftsperson's mark or date mark. Not even sure what to take a picture of, but here are some general pictures, and I will take any additional pictures necessary.

  2. Sorry, I can't help you with that but I'm sure the experts will chime in soon.
    Just wanted to say that I love your new bag, well done :tup:!
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    Useful info you can provide to help date this lovely bag include-

    Most importantly-the stamps on the inside of the straps ( behind the gold hardware), this should tell us what year she was made.

    What type of stamp does it have under the flap, just Hermes Paris or Hermes Paris Made in France?

    Also does the rear compartment have a zipper or is it open?

    Congrats on your new bag!
  4. That is a GORGEOUS bag! I love vintage Kelly bags! Congrats!

    I hope you find what you need on the forum!
  5. Ditto what Charm says. Congrats by the way, she is lovely.
  6. Really lovely bag! Congratulations!
  7. i guess it depends on how old he is............:lol:
  8. That is a beautiful bag indeed.

    I would date it from mid 70's to late 80's.

    Could you post a picture of the zipper puller ? That would help a lot !
  9. I have a vintage Kelly at the spa right now. She has been there since July. It is 39 years old according to our (tPF) dating protocol. (circle with an A) When she arrives I will show photos of our long lost, probably now 40 year old BBB. And, we may be able to compare markings and insides. Mine were very different from what they are now, and even several years back.
  10. Sorry I will be of no help but what a dream bag :tender:
  11. I have no idea about vintage bags CF, but your bag is stunning! Congrats!:girlsigh:
  12. My vintage box is from the 60s and it does not look so shapely as it was worn a lot, I have to say this is divine total perfection but it would help me if you posted a pic of the brand stamp you know the Hermes paris made in France under the flap, this usually indicates not by color or fading but by stamp style or words or font etc. Eg many bon wit teller bags have an Hermes Paris bon wit teller stamp not that this one would as it is made for the french market but the stamp has changed over the years and it might help us precise the period but I would say mid 70s .Hope it helps .birkel.
  13. I must have missed reading that there isn't a year stamp, so if you could post the Hermes Paris stamp and the zipper, that will give us more of an idea but it will be approximate. I would tend to go with Perlere that she is from the mid seventies to late eighties without more info.
  14. this is a truly gorgeous bag, congrats!