Question on damier - monogram

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  1. Are there LV bags that used to be made in monogram and damier, but now only exist in monogram?

    I'm quite new to Vuitton (at least compared to most of you here ;)), so I don't know much about discontinued items.

    The reason I'm asking is because I already saw like three or four people with a trotteur damier and I also saw one or two wearing a looping in damier. While on one side, it seems weard to me that they would discontinue the damier version only, on the other side, it would also be very unlikely that they were all wearing the same SOs.
  2. Hmmm.....not sure about this. Maybe some are fake as well.
  3. aw like three or four people with a trotteur damier
    Most likely fake, perhaps a special order..
  4. At first, I also thought that they were fake, but one of those girls was wearing really expensive clothes, I couldn't believe she was wearing a fake. That's why I was wondering if trotteur ever existed in damier. And the bag looked amazing in damier. I would never get in mono, because of the vachetta bottom, it would get dirty way too fast. I'm not alwaythat carefull with my bags :shame:. But I guess expensive clothes don't always mean that your LV is real. Or maybe it was a SO.