question on credit score

  1. hi - sorry if this ends up being a dumb question :smile: i am going to blame it on me being young with no experience. :yes:

    my credit card bill was due today, and i usually pay online the day it's due. (bad habit, i i know) but since today was not a business day, it only let me pay by the 12th (monday) so i got charged a 39.00 late fee. so..

    1) will this wreak havoc to my credit score for my payment being "late"?
    2) is there any way i could call bofA and ask them to waive the fee? it feels like such a waste of money!

    thanks so much in advance for your help! i'm hoping to buy a car by the end of this year and can't afford having my credit score being hurt. :sad:
  2. If you have a good payment history with them, it's worth trying to ask them to waive the fee. Normally your credit score isn't impacted unless you are more than 30 days late. Be sure and ask them if they plan to report it late.

    PS: there is no such thing as a dumb question with regard to your credit.
  3. You should definitely call them and ask if they can remove the late charge. Explain the situation in detail--that you tried to pay the day it was due, but the online parameters would not allow it. Credit card companies are usually very responsive for customers who consistently pay on time.

    Good luck!
  4. ^^^I agree. I think they will waive the fee, no problem. More than 30 day lates get reported to the credit bureaus, so you're fine.
    When you call just be nice and tell them how it slipped your mind because the due date fell on a Sunday and it won't happen again:yes:
    Boy,those late fees sure are getting steep.:amazed:
  5. I have had brain farts before where this happened, and I always call and ask to have the fee removed. Since I generally pay on time, and have been with them for a long time, they usually waive the fee. I think it is pretty sneaky of them to have the due date be on a weekend.

    It never hurts to ask, be it a question here or with regard to your credit card company!
  6. thanks, i'll give them a call tomorrow. hopefully they cut me some slack. i'm just relieved it won't affect my credit score. =)
  7. Kudos to you for taking an active role in your financial management and well being! :yes:
  8. i just called them and and they were able to waive the fee. :graucho: thanks for the suggestions! :heart:
  9. Woohoo! Wow, that's $39 towards your next bag. He he he.
  10. :yes: