Question on condition of eBay bag...

  1. There is a bag on eBay that I'm thinking about bidding on but it has some markings on it that I'm not sure I would be able to get clean. It's going for a really great price, but if I can't get at least some of the blemishes off, I'm concerned it might not be such a great deal in the end (if that makes sense).

    It's a Legacy Shoulder Bag (not sure of the exact name but the style # is 10328). The auction says Whiskey color and vachetta leather. There are scratches on the front of the bag which look like they could rub out but lots of staining on the back which is what I'm mostly concerned about. Since it's vachetta leather, I've seen that you're not supposed to use the cleaner or conditioner. Does anyone have thoughts on this?? Is there a way to clean the staining?

    Also, there is black markings inside the zipper pocket...the auction says it's there to prevent retail that really what that means??

    Thank you so much!
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  2. i've never seen marking like THAT to prevent returns... wierd
  3. Every mark on that bag would bother me SO much. Think Long and Hard if you really NEED it!
  4. Hi. That would be a final sale bag bought at an outlet. They put a SKU in the bag if they don't have a FS (FInal Sale) Stamp. It will not come clean. Those marks will wear in on the outside of the bag. The bag would not be covered by Coach's warranty. A Tide Bleach Pen or something along that line might work on the mark in the pocket.
  5. Also that bag appears to be brown, if they made the shoulder bag in brown.
  6. Depends on how OCD you are... if having a bag with marks wouldn't bother you very much then go for it. If on the other hand you like flawless bags and want to get this looking brand new again I wouldn't go for it. There's no guarantee the marks will come out.
  7. The Legacy shoulder bag was made in brown for department stores only. This bag is brown and not whiskey.
  8. If it's not covered under Coach's warranty, then I'm definitely going to pass. Plus, the bag just went over my price ends in an hour. (The auction does list it as brown...I got it mixed up with another one I was looking at...good eye gals!)

    THANK YOU so much for your time and comments!
  9. Looking at the auction itself, I think it could be a whiskey bag.