Question on Colour Transfer and Calf Leather

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  1. #1 May 5, 2016
    Last edited: May 5, 2016

    Would anyone who owns a calf leather bag in a light shade (eg sand / rosa) be able to advise on colour transfer? And for the vege tanned in camello as well?

    How does calf leather hold up / require maintenance as compared to vege tanned leather?

    I am torn between the mini bucket in sand (calf), rosa (calf) , or camello (vege tanned). I absolutely lovee the colour of camello (pre-patina), but I recently received my lady bag in vege tanned leather and don't like how it feels at all :/ on the other hand, I saw the mini bucket bags in calf leather and fell in love. If only they came in camello or black!! Hence, I am leaning towards the calf leather, but am worried about colour transfer.

    What do you guys think?

    Also, sand or rosa (if I do go for calf)?? (am supposed to be on ban island because I really don't need another bag but I saw that they're releasing new bags next week -- sigh, why do they do this to us?!)

    The alternative is to go for the blu calf leather -- no worries about colour transfer there, but I'm leaning towards a light coloured bag!

    Apologies for the many questions, and thank you!
  2. I have had sand, camello and rosa and haven't had any colour transfer issues.
    I probably haven't carried my camello enough to comment there but so far so good. The sand I used a bit with no problems but have sold that now. My rosa I used for months as my main bag when I got it and never had a problem with transfer (I wear jeans A LOT).

    I think you should go with what you love. I haven't really noticed a huge difference in the actual feel of the leathers though...
  3. Thanks for the advice! Great to know that colour transfer wasn't an issue. Meanwhile I'm still torn -- have a few days to decide!
  4. I have a calf rosa bucket, and I get pretty bad color transfer every time I wear ANY ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467759762.222343.jpg jeans (see pic--I'm wearing it today actually). However, I find it easy to clean with a leather cleaner, so I do that every time once i get home.