question on color?

  1. 11639_d1.jpg

    I Had called CS on this handbag when I was on the line asking about the Camel med Lily and they said this also comes in Bamboo color? She said it is like a light tan or nude color what do you think what color it is similiar to?
    I love the handbag I wonder about bamboo color?
  2. Maybe similar to khaki (remember the khaki legacy leather?) or camel (again the legacy camel was very light). Both those in the legacy leather looked gorgeous and were light tan or nearly nude. I wonder if it's close to buckskin? That color is gorgeous too!

    ETA: Did you get a price and dimensions by chance?
  3. The dimensions are 11x7. for $468 . I am going to hold off to when I go to the store to see the madelines later today. CS said they are low in quanity on this handbag though wouldnt that be great if its that buckskin color I love that color!
  4. Ouch! It's pretty and I suppose the embossing adds to the price! I'm dreaming of the geranium and buckskin colors! I don't know which I like more but I'd probably get more use out of buckskin. Since I have my blue Hampton's now I don't need another bag similar to that style.
  5. I didnt see your blue satchel on line I wonder if it is at stores?I was dieing to see it maybe they will have it when I go today I will let know or maybe she is very limited like the liliac!So many handbags which to choose?