Question on cobbler stretching shoes

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  1. #1 Apr 25, 2016
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 26, 2016
    I finally took the plunge and bought my first pair of CLs!
    I got the new simple in my exact size.
    Problem is I tried these on in the store and they got beautifully; I had stockings on.

    When I got back to the hotel and tried them on barefoot, I struggle to get in! The length is good but the toe box is cutting all blood circulation!

    I do have shoe stretchers at home but from previous experiences, they stretch the entire pair of shoes. I end up stretching other areas that I don't want to be stretched.

    Does anyone know if the cobblers can do it just for the toe box area? Coz I recall seeing the stretcher at my local cobbler and they seem to put the whole stretcher into the shoes.
    I just need to fix the toe box, and not the entire shoe, be it length or width.
  2. I'm pretty sure stretchers for just the toe box exist.
  3. Yes, I'm also sure it's possible, I've even seen home stretchers that only stretch in the width to use in the toe box.
    But you have to proceed with caution, because mechanical (over)stretching can damage the leather.

    I find it easier to break in the toe box by wearing thin stockings, so the foot slides in very easily or use foot lotion at your toes. The best stretching is always done by the foot itself.
  4. My Bille et Boule 100 were very tight at first, I thought I would never be able to wear them but I refused to let them go because I was so happy to find them in my size and for a very good prize...

    I use lotion on my toes (not too much, just a thin layer on the front of the toes and on the spots were the toebox might hurt) and a little bit on the heels of my feet and it works wonders. It's so easy to slide the foot in the shoe and I have no pain while wearing them, no blisters, nothing... I take the lotion with me and apply a little bit if needed. I now use lotion (hand cream, acutally) with all of my heels and it's so much more comfortable.
  5. You can use vaseline and a blowdryer just put the vaseline inside the shoe and heat it from the outside (not too close) the Vaseline might melt - so be careful... As soon as the shoe is a bit warm - put them on and walk in them as long as possible - if it's not enough just do it again - it works really well - good luck
  6. I purchased a beautiful pair of Patent Declics in my typical "Louboutin size" at a killer price from EBay. I was almost in tears trying them on for the first time! I decided to attempt to stretch them my self. Diligence paid off! I used the blow dryer and thick sock method, and have done this periodically over several months. Although I was attempting to stretch the entire shoe, I do believe you can achieve similar results having the sock just on the forward part of your foot? Keep us posted on your progress! :smile:
  7. I haven't tried yet as I tend to over strech my shoes when I go DIY. I did tried on another pair of shoes; wearing the socks up to half my feet but the shoes ended being stretch on the middle sides and there's now a gap though shoes are still wearable.

    I just bought the stretching spray, will try with the the hair dryer method and update again!

    Thanks everyone for the advice!

  8. Just so you know - if you are within distance of a CL boutique, they will stretch the toe box for you. You can even leave them overnight for stretching. Otherwise, I have confidence in your DIY technique! [emoji5]️
  9. Really? I didn't know they provide this service! I bought it from Selfridges, from a really lousy SA. But I bought it anyway coz I was worried I may not come across the shoes in other London stores.

    I'm back in my home country, will try DIY first before calling the local CL boutique to see if they can do it for me.

    Thanks for the heads up!
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