Question on Coach's "breaking in"

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  1. So, I just took my new patchwork Carly out to the mall (or maybe she took me out to the mall!) for the first time.

    It felt a lot bulkier and heavier than my usual purses. Not that that in itself is a bad thing - I understand it's a lot sturdier and stronger than my other purses, but I guess I'm wondering if it will "break in" after a while and feel a bit softer and less stiff - or do you just get used to it?

    And my Zoe feels even stiffer than Carly. YIKES!!

    Thanks for the input. . . . .
  2. I never noticed how stiff my first zoe was (medium patent green) until I followed it up after a few months with the medium patent berry. My first zoe was nice and slouchy and relaxed compared to the brand new berry which was stiffer and shinier (patent does lose it's shininess over time which is normal.) My family was saying that they liked the way my first Zoe was nice and broken in, in comparison to the new, stiff one. The only carly I have was the chocolate cotton signature in medium. It's got a nice slouch and has gotten softer over time as well.

    HTH :smile:
  3. I have the XL Carly Leather and it is very heavy, even when it is empty. The leader is very soft and it get supple but it does not get lighter...
  4. That reminded me - the guy at the outlet did assure me it would "break in". I was trying to decide between a bronze leather one and the aubergine signature. The bronze leather one seemed slouchier and softer, but the aubergine just looked much better on me (I'm blonde and pale, so it really stood out). He said it was just stiff because it was so new and hadn't been handled at all in the store - I called just as they got the shipment and did a hold/purchase or whatever is called on it before it even hit the floor.

    My DH loved the aubergine one, and so did everyone else in the store who ran up and tried to get it from me, so I ended up sticking with it, so here's hoping it will soften up a bit.
  5. I would be totally shocked if it didn't soften up. It's like a good pair of jeans - gets better with every wear ^_^
  6. Seriously I have it when I finally realize I broke in my Lindsay.. It became slouchy and the handle stretch.. I'm afraid that the leather will break one day.. Not using it so much anymore..
  7. ^^^Sorry to get off topic here, but what does a "broken in" Lindsay look like??? I have the teal and I've carried her maybe a handfull of times. Does she slouch like other leather Coach bags??? I don't think that would be a good look for Lindsay!!! UGH!!

    ***I think your PW Carly will "break in" BUT I do also believe that since it is patchwork and therfore has more stitching it may take more time then others!!!

    Keep us posted!!!
  8. I have two large carlys and to me they have always had that "broken in" effect... they slouched from the moment I took it out of the store... My medium berry zoe is the same way, I haven't worn it, but it slouches right away when I put it on my shoulder...