Question on City

  1. HI, I have just got my first Bbag (Ocean city) about a month ago. I noticed that when the city is held using the handles, the leather on the back of bag seems to be pulled upwards and creased around the 2 points where the handle attached to the bag. Is this normal ?

    Since the goat leather is really soft, does it mean it is rather delicate i.e. avoid heavier loads?
  2. this happens esepcially when you put a lot of stuff into the bag. but don't worry, the leather is quite sturdy and can withstand the weight.
  3. :smile:
    Yes that is normal...your bag is breaking in!!! That also happens with PartTimes and Weekenders.

    BBags are very strong so I wouldn't worry about heavy loads. If it fits in the bag then it probably isn't too heavy as long as you are not carrying bricks!! :yes:
  4. Completely normal! My 05 black city is PERMANENTLY in this condition. It's very broken in and looks very smooshy and rock like that. It also happens to Works.
  5. Yup! Mine's doing that too.
  6. yep it's normal! don't worry!
  7. I love when the city slouches this way!
  8. Thank you everyone for your re-assurances. It's a huge relief i have not "damaged" my beautiful ocean city !
  9. I'm so glad you asked. I'd noticed that mine is doing that too, and had the same concern about whether I should be careful about the load (and I don't put that much stuff in mine!) It is nice to know that it's not doing any damage.
  10. both my cities do this.. i love it! my ocean city wasn't slouchy right away, so i was so happy when this started happening to it :p