Question on Chevre Mangalore in Violet

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  1. I currently own a bearn wallet in chevre mysore leather in violet and I love how the color turns out. I wanted to SO a 35 cm birkin but the sales told me they only can make it in Magalore leather if I'm looking in getting a birkin. At the time they didn't have any bag in magalore leather to show me, so I don't know how it looks. I've never seen one in violet color in that leather combination, and I'm not sure if it will come out the same color as my wallet, I really love the shine from my chevre mysore wallet. Does anyone owns any violet color in magalore leather they can share? Sorry, one more question. What's the different between mysore, mangalore, and cdc leather? I've seen the different leather under the reference area, but I'm not sure is their a different between the durableness, weight or the prices? Thanks in advance!
  2. Last week I saw some victorias in mangalore leather and I must say they felt heavier than clemance.
  3. i would love to see mangalore in violet. i find it to be lighter than togo or clemence in weight, similar to regular chevre i'd say.
  4. Chevre mangalore will certainly be much lighter than clemence and togo. As for how the color will take relative to the violet you have in mysore, I believe the overall color will be the same, but the grains will be MUCH deeper and more pronounced than mysore. You will also see more of a spine with mangalore than with mysore, but not as much as you would with coromandel. Mangalore is a little thinner than coromandel and will not be as stiff as coromandel regular or coromandel souple. Mysore is probably the stiffest along with coromandel regular. Sorry that I don't have a mangalore violet item to show you, but I can tell you that the base color will be very similar to the mysore that you have. The only difference that you will get is in a greater sheen purely from the deeper grains as well as a pronounced spine.
  5. Great info, HM. I would love to see a Victoria in violet mangalore - or any H bag, for that matter...
  6. Thanks everyone for your input, really great info you guys are sharing with me,:smile: Hopefully if I see one at the store I can take a picture to post to show everyone...
  7. HM, you're truly a walking chevre encyclopedia! :P :tup:

    The only thing to add is the prices for all types of chevre is the same (as far as I know). Violet chevre is an exquisite colour, HermesLuver!