Question On Ceramic In J12

  1. Has anyone knocked their J12 on something hard (like a counter or car door, etc.) while wearing it and gotten tiny marks/scratches on it? How durable is the ceramic? seems like it would be very very, but...I really want one and if so, will wear it every day............but am kinda hard on things.
    i hope i am putting this thread in correct place? :yes:

    TIA :flowers:
  2. I would qualify for the category of being hard on my things and have both black and white J12 watches that I have had for several years. In addition, I am an arm swinger (read...bang into everything) and I also wear my stuff (no packing away in closests for me.) My watches have proven to be indestructable. They look as beautiful and shiny as the day I bought them. No scratches anywhere...even on the crystal of the watch and I can't tell you how many times I have banged into things.

    You will love your watch....congratulations! They are beautiful time pieces. I never get sick of looking at the face. A helpful hint is to clean the watch with a soft cloth (the ceramic will shine!!). And to cleaan between the links, use a piece of dental loss to pick up any dust/dirt.

    The J12 is one of the best things Chanel has ever done....
  3. I am very hard on my jewelery, watches, etc. Since getting my J12 a couple of months ago, I have worn it everyday and it still looks brand new. Run out now and buy one:tup:
  4. I love this watch!!!
  5. How much is a J12 watch?
  6. me too----i loved the idea of "indestructible ceramic" haha...i got my Rado in college and loved that too because it was this gunmetal ceramic and scratches wouldnt show on it at all.

    The J12 has proven thus far to be just as tough...Im not terribly bad about running into things but a few times Ive banged it on a metal grocery cart and nothing heart would always skip a beat cos if this was another watch Id imagine a big scratch somewhere--my only concern is if the J12 will ever chip...LOL not that Id imagine trying to test that out
  7. aaaaah, thanks everybody! ;)
  8. Wow I did not realize how durable the ceramic is. Totally worth the $$$!
  9. i agree!!!! :yes::yes::yes:
    run out and get one now!!!! :p
  10. Just to echo what everyone else has said - I adore my J12 and it is such a resilient creature even belonging to a Miss Clumsy like me . . .you won't regret this, I promise!
  11. The ceramic is second in hardness and durability only to diamonds. In fact they diamonds in the finishing process for the ceramic.
  12. I posted on this before but here is a true testament to the durability of the J12. Not too long after I got my J12, I was shopping and rumaging through a rack of clothes and my J12 went flying off my wrist across the cement floor. I almost had a heart attack but alas my J12 was fine, no hint of damage whatsoever. The reason my watch fell off my wrist was because NM removed links since my wrist is small. When they put it back together they did not fully secure the links back together. I lost the pin but NM was able to replace it & resecure the J12 links. I have not had a problem since. I was very impressed that my J12 could withstand flying across the room, bouncing across the cement floor. I love my J12 & I know you will love it too! Go get it girl!
  13. John Bull in the bahamas is the best place to buy this watch.
    No tax and a couple hundred dollars cheeper.
    Get a vacation out of the money that you will save :smile:
  14. thanks for the tip...guess where I'm taking DH on holiday this year :graucho:
  15. I have the basic J12 in white ... I have done everything humanly possible to it and it is still in mint condition. I even had a monkey grab it from my wrist when I was travelling in Indonesia!!!