question on cashmere scarves

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  1. what to do when the scarves start balling up? I can't find a better term, but you know when the scarves start forming lint like things? It looks like the stuff that stick to your wool coats yet it's still on the scarf? Please let me know if I'm making any sense or not coz I'm really hating how my scarves look like now :crybaby:I don't know how to get rid of them. Any suggestions?
  2. The are called pills, you can use a cashmere comb like a "De-Fuzz It" you know the thing I mean? Or you can carefully pluck them off, TBH that's what I do even on my Lucien Pellat-Finet sweaters
  3. I bought a Burberry cashmere check scarf in late September and have been wearing it almost every day until pilling yet. I was told since cashmere is such high quality, it shouldn't pill as much as other fabrics.
  4. It totally depends on the quality of cashmere. Cashmere is graded with the top grades going to the likes of Lucien Pellat-Finet, Queene & Belle, Ballantyne, Loro Piana and Hermes. The next grades down then become shorter in fibre length and are more liable to pilling.

    The very cheapest cashmere that you see for sale at say $80 for a sweater are literally the scraps off the floor and these are the fibres that are short, broken and tangled and therefore do not wear as well
  5. I only have burberry cashmere scarves and they all "pill" does that mean I got a bad one? :crybaby:
  6. where can I buy this?
  7. No not at all, just depends what it's come into contact if your coat is a little rougher it's more likely to pill. All cashmere pills but it's in varying degrees, it's nothing to stress about :smile:

    This website has the De-Fuzz It be very gentle and careful with it
  8. thanks so much for the link. Is there a chance that the comb would ruin the scarf?:confused1:
  9. yes i own 2 burberry scarves and all of them have piled so i think it depends on what it gets into contact with.
  10. I have a red Burberry Cashmere scarf that I bought in Feb. 05 that has never pilled despite wearing it whenever I can. It definitely depends on the quality.
  11. Only if you are heavy handed with it.....imagine your cashmere scarf is like fine baby hair, you wouldn't drag a comb through a baby's hair so just be gentle and take it slowly. DO NOT use an electric lint/pill/clothes shaver as I've heard horror stories about them destroying clothes.

    Have you tried gently plucking them off? That's all I ever do
  12. I did try picking them off but my scarves are big, it would take me forever. Ok, I think I'll try the comb. thanks