Question on Carbon Blue Turnlock Teri


    So I got a black turnlock from MJ and found a carbon blue one at Bloomingdale's. I originally wanted the blue anyway but now that I compare both - the black color is even and dark while the blue looks sort of splotchy or washed. I noticed there was a washed camo teri online somewhere. Is this how the carbon blue is supposed to look? I was just wondering because in the photos it looks darker

    Also there is this mark that looks like someone tried to correct it - i've circled it here - it's not too noticable but since this is my first expensive MJ purchase I'm thinking maybe I should return the blue and keep the black?

    What you you think? Is this how it is supposed to be?
  2. that color variation looks almost defective....
  3. I've posted some better pictures. Yeah I'm thinking about returning it. Just doesn't look as nice as the black.
  4. I would return it. It's not worth keeping a bag you aren't 100% happy with.