Question on Cabas Whistler

  1. Fellow tPfers;), I know we have several fellow members with the Cabas Whistler.... just wanted to know how the bag is holding up? Is it pony or calf hair? Also, is it hard to take care of and does the fur shed?

    I just bought a Cabas Vail Blanket (blue/grey) and am thinking I might buy the whistler as well as it's simply TDF!:drool::heart: I think it would look hot as an office bag to put in my laptop, papers, etc and would look sharp with a tailored jacket/suit. My only fear is that if it's hard to take care of and if the calf or pony hair would fall off overtime resulting in "bald" spots which might not be a good sight to see, and of course given the fact that it's a relatively expensive bag:wtf:

    TIA! Looking forward to your inputs!:smile: