Question on by ying my first St. Louis online

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  1. I live in CT and I know there are a couple stores in NY that carry Goyard but hubby will not take me.

    Can I order online through email with Goyard, Barneys or BG?
  2. You can email to inquire about what is available and price, but you will have to call to finalize purchase with credit card. This is based on my experience with the Goyard boutique and BG.
  3. Yes, I've placed orders for Goyard bags on the phone with Barney's and with BG! Super easy!
  4. Thank you! Now the hard part of deciding between color and pm or gm :confused1:
  5. Depends on how big you want to go! If you do decide to place an order by phone, Cheryl from Barney's is a pleasure to deal with! She is literally the only pleasant one there!
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    Agreed. I was in contact with a few other places and was not happy with the communication, etc. Sheryl at Barney's is great! I worked with her last week to place an order for a St. Sulpice card holder in grey color. Delivery date this Tuesday. I can't wait.
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  7. Yes I also worked with Sheryl at Barneys. She is a class act, could not have been nicer!! I don't live in NYC (although I used to) and I find when I went to Goyard Bergdorf's the SA almost looked down at me when I told him I was visiting. He couldn't care less to help me, which I find interesting because I always felt the service at Bergdorf's was better than Barneys. That was until I met Sheryl. Since purchasing my bag yesterday, I had to email her a few times to ask her questions, and she could not have been kinder to me!! Unbelievable service, and an unbelievable woman!
  8. I first called Goyard Bergdof's and didn't have a great experience, so then I called Goyard Barney's. I also emailed Sheryl a few times after receiving my card holder last Tuesday. She has been very accommodating. When I'm ready to buy a tote for my wife, I'll be contacting Sheryl at Barney's, no doubt!
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  9. I have ordered by phone with Phyllis and in person with Leah at BG. Both are wonderful! I live in SF and haven't bothered to go to the boutique here bc of the rude service I've heard about. BG is best for me since it is tax and shipping free!
    I returned the pm and went for the gm size because I already have a couple of totes in that size and the strap drop was uncomfortable.
    Good luck!
  10. I ended up calling Sheryl last Wednesday and got this on Thursday!!

    It was really hard to choose between black/black and grey but in the end, since I already have an ebene NF, I went with grey. I got the gm (even though I'm less than 5ft tall) since it will be my diaper bag and the strap drop is more comfortable.

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  11. Congrats! The grey is stunning. Classy and neutral. I'm loving my grey St. Sulpice card holder.
  12. Fantastic. Enjoy.
  13. Hi there -
    I know your post is super old but do you happen to still have Phyllis' or Leah's contact info? I am looking to purchase my first bag and am hoping to do it through an SA. It can't hurt to reach out and see if they are still there and if they can help me... thank you so much :smile:
  14. Hi LVTeacher! Here is Lea’s info (not sure if she still works there though because I purchased the bag in 10/2016) (347)986-8463. She was really sweet and helpful.
  15. Hi LVTeacher! Here is Lea’s info (not sure if she still works there though because I purchased the bag in 10/2016) (347)986-8463. She was really sweet and helpful.
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