Question on buying from Out of State YSL Store

  1. Hi,

    Is it correct when purchasing from an out of state YSL store they should not charge sales tax even though there are YSL stores in the state I live in? I've bought Chanel and LV from out of state Saks stores and they did not charge sales tax, even though there are a few Saks stores in the state I live in. TIA!
  2. Stores don't charge sales tax IF there isn't a store located in your state. So, if you live in a state with a YSL, they should charge you tax.

    I'm not sure how to account for your purchases from Saks...I'm guessing maybe the person who completed the sale was not aware of the tax situation.
  3. Thanks! You're probably right.
  4. I've talked to Saks people before and they don't charge tax on out of state purchases.
  5. Legally, you should be paying sales tax when ordering from any chain which has a location within your state. As SuLi mentioned, it's their error if they don't charge you. If there aren't any locations within your state, then you do not owe any sales tax.
  6. Stores do not charge sales tax if you have don't have one in your state. This rule does not apply to Burberry.