question on buying an Hermes from craftman

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  1. Ladies,
    my sis and i were introduced to some friends, who get their bags from an hermes craftsman.
    the question i have, is, is this allowed ?
    i hope i dont get him into trouble, but my sis is viewing some on Sun, and i wish to check on this before she decides on whether to buy the bags or not.
    my friend says that it is made by the craftsman in franch and stamped and all, but of course when we buy it, we buy from the craftsman and not from the store.:confused1:
    can anyone help ?
  2. Depending on how the bag is stamped, you cannot take it into Hermes to have it serviced.
  3. hello hello, thanks you for your quick reply.
    i read in the forum about the stamp - and i will bear in mind to look out for that.
    but does that mean tat the bag is authentic ?
    and how much shoulld i be paying for the bag ? same as retail price ? (so does that mean that the craftsman earns the whole sum)
  4. I never heard people buying from the craftsman unless it is the one that the fake bag distributor trying to advertise their product by claiming that the bag made by the H craftsman etc etc. I believe it is still considered as a replica of a handbag. They can never use the same leather that Hermes made and it will never be the same as the real one from the hermes store. Dont buy it.

    I assume you are from jakarta? if you still want the bag, pay only US$150 as it is the same price as in MangDu :smile:
  5. Veeeeery fishy...I would be really carefull, sounds like the latest idea to sell super fakes, watch out glamgirlinjkt.
  6. hello birkiness,
    thank you. yes iam from jkt, i will NOT buy it, and will NOT allow my sister to buy it if it is fake.
    oh dear. my friends buy many bags from this person,and when they bring to the store in singapore or in sydney, the sales ladies all marvel at the exotic leather - which is only available in europe or japan.
    i will have to tell them to be careful. let me find out more this sun when we meet the craftman
  7. traumaturgo: thank you.
    i am now curios as to who we are meeting on sun. will report to you all after the meeting.
    i have to complete an essay for school now, so i better concentrate !
    goodnight to you all.
  8. ^^ Yes.. tell them be VERY careful! :ninja:
  9. Hmm, I'm curious too!
  10. I wouldn't buy a fake bag for $150, let alone a fake bag...
  11. Hermes craftsman are allowed to make one bag a year for themselves ( I think it may be 2 max)

    And I think it has a special stamp to indicate that
    so if this person is knocking these out
    there not authentic
  12. ^^^these bags, I understand, are stamped with a shooting star and are not able to be serviced at Hermes ( I am guessing this is because they are made by the craftsperson for personal use and can therefore be maintained by him/her).
  13. Only because you're in Jakarta, I have to tell you to be very very careful. Unless you are an expert in authenticating a H bag, I would encourage you not to waste your time. I know of someone here in my country, who has Indonesian descent, and she buys fakes from Jakarta.

    I was at my store recently, and the store manager told me that one of her customers paid top dollar for her birkin thinking it's authentic, only to be told by our in-house craftsman that it is a fake.

    The craftsman has got to be French.

    Are you a seller of these bags and promoting your goods?
  14. I never heard such a thing and it sounds fishy ...
    A craftsman never allowed to bring any kind of tools, leather, hardware etc outside the workshop. If they do it, Hermes will fire them immediately... :crybaby:
    Consider a craftsman need 3 - 5 years to learn how to make a Kelly or Birkin, I don't think any craftsman will jeopardize they job ...

    If you want to own a real Hermes, buy from a Hermes boutique. Maybe you must wait, but it's worth the time and the waiting game ... You never wondering whether your bag is real or fake ... especially if you spend large amount of money for a bag ...

    Ready to put your name on waiting list ?? :p
  15. "When in doubt - pass it on." <-- this is my theory.

    It's not worth the heartache and worries and wondering if you paid top dollars for a fake.