Question on Burberry scarves:

  1. Hi all!

    First time posting in the Burberry forum, I'm really getting into the brand! Having a British boyfriend helps too... :sneaky:

    I love the perfume and I had a question on the scarves: I'm eyeing a couple at the moment and I'm wondering which material would be warmer, cashmere or merino wool? For those who own warm Burberry scarves, I'd love to hear reviews and opinions! :biggrin:

  2. I would choose cashmere over wool. IDK if it's warmer or not, but it's a much nicer material, way softer and not scratchy. I've been very happy with my cashmere one.
  3. I have both, and find that the wool can pill (make like little balls), while the cashmere lays nicer, if you know what I mean.
  4. cashmere is more expensive but it is sooo glorious!!

    cashmere is REALLY REALLY SOFT so i love it

    wool can be high-quality but cashmere is still even higher

    if you're gonna go designer & burberry, they are definitely well-known for their cashmere mufflers!
  5. Thanks! About to persuade the bf to get me one for Xmas... :biggrin:

    I'm planning on buying one myself too! I'm thinking of getting the light pink novacheck one, but the size is HUGE...:push:
  6. I have the pink cashmere one and it's heavenly! It's ever so soft and pretty too. You will love it.
  7. I love the burberry scarves, they are warm, pretty, and oh so soft
  8. Which pink scarf is recommended? The hot pink or light pink? I'm a pink fan so either is ok, but I'd just like to know which is more pleasing to the eye :p
  9. Also, do you fold the scarves over? I saw that they are a foot wide and 60 inches long!
  10. light pink for sure --more classic IMO...

    I do fold my scarves over...the smaller one is too short IMO (i'm 5'4 for your reference)
  11. Cashmere and Merino are both types of wool. Though there are many types of wool on earth.

    Cashmere is the finest type of wool on the market right now, hence why it's considered the softest and most luxurious. I believe the wool is taken from the underbelly of lamb's (baby sheep)

    Merino Wool could be considered as 1-below Cashmere, it's still soft, but it's not as fine as Cashmere. The wool is taken from the hairs of Merino sheep.

    Then there's Lamb's Wool, which tends to be a thicker wool in density, hence why it sometimes "pricks" the skin of people who tend to have more sensitive skin.

    Angora wool
    is actually wool made from the hair's of rabbits. It's also very soft but more delicate than lamb's wool because the hairs are much shorter and are harder to process when making clothing out of them.

    Camel hair
    is yet another type of wool which is very soft, but not as soft as Merino wool, Cashmere, or Angora wool. It's made from the hairs of camel's (duh).


    As to your question of which type of wool is warmest, there is no specific type of wool that is the warmest,

    The only thing that determines if a scarf will be warm enough for you is how thick the scarf is. The thickest Merino wool scarf can be warmer than a light cashmere scarf. It really depends on how much material they use to make the scarf.
  12. I have a 50% cashmere and 50% wool scarf in the nova check and absolutely love it! It is very warm, just wish is was a little longer in length! No complaints here! Good luck with your decision!
  13. Thanks! I've decided to get...BOTH. :biggrin: :shame: I told my bf I wanted both as a Christmas present, lol. Hot pink with black, and light pink with the tan checks.
  14. Excellent choices Babydoll!
    I have the novacheck cashmere and I love it!
    I'm expecting the light pink check in cashmere any day now
  15. When we get our scarves we should post pics... maybe even a Burberry Scarves club, lol. :smile: