Question on bolide

  1. can someone tell me what sizes and prices the different bolides come in --also which has the shoulder strap .????
    thanks a lot for ur kind help:heart:
  2. 27, 31 are the sizes I know. Is there also a 40?
  3. 27, 31, 37, 40, 47
    27, 31 and 37 for sure all come with the shoulder strap.
    the 27 does not come with the lock - not sure about the 40 and up either.
    31 in togo is 5k, 27 is rarely done in that leather, so i would guess it's ironically the same or more, since the leather prices go up from there anyway.
  4. 15cm, 21cm, 27cm, 31cm, 37cm, 47cm as far as I remember. Haven't seen the 21cm at stores in a long, long time. I'm horrible w/ exact prices, so sorry I can't help w/ that. Once had a 47cm travel Bolide and it's HUGE and HEAVY. I don't think the 15cm comes w/ a strap (Ninja Sue had one and hopefully will let you know), and neither does the 47cm. The Bolide 1923 doesn't have a shoulder strap, either.

    ETA: Bolide 15cm does come w/ a strap, as our lovely NS confirmed!
  5. I have a 31 and it has a shoulder strap. I tried on a 37 which also had a shoulder strap. I saw a lady with a teeny tiny bolide but I don't know the size. I think I heard that it comes in 6 sizes but I could be mistaken.
  6. Is there a 40cm now?
  7. the 47 - i guess it must have been a 47 that i saw - is very very big and crazy heavy when empty (in clemence). if you travel with a lot of tissue paper, it's a terrific idea. lol if they were ever to make it in chevre or VL, i suppose in theory it could be lighter, but still quite cumbersome.
  8. My 27cm in chevre was $4,024 (or something close to that) before tax. 24, you have a terrific memory! I had a 15cm lizard Bolide that did come with a shoulder strap (and shoulder strap loops).
  9. oh no no no, i might love 'em, but i'm no expert. we'll go with your list. :heart: :yes:
  10. but when was that purchase? recently?
  11. HH, I think I bought it in September.
  12. oops, then that price is very current. it might have gone up some now, but not to 5k, so there is a significant price difference between the sizes. i'm surprised, since chevre is a more expensive leather than togo, i figured with the size difference it would sort of even out.
  13. HH, no worries; I just thought I was missing something! You know that I am only near the "store that has nothing".

    Sue, how I can forget that rare beauty you had? I remember the picture of it in the palm of your hand! :smile: BTW, my Mini Mini Kelly 15cm also has a very thin shoulder strap!
  14. I guess there isn't as much call for the tiny bags! With tax it was around $4,265 or so. Sounds like such a bargain, doesn't it? LOL!

    24, can you post a pic with your 15cm Kelly?:nuts:
  15. The 31 in togo was $5000 in November '06