Question on body weight...

  1. Ok this is going to be a bit unexpected :P I've heard so many things on television, talk shows and whatnot on weight loss and how to go about it...

    But now I bring a different query before you :P How on earth does one gain weight in a healthy manner? :Push: You'd probably just say eat and eat and eat... I've tried stuffing myself on occassion.. but it's getting scary... my weight hasn't budged in almost three years now :s and yeah I'm kinda concerned, because I'm 16 and I need the energy and proper growth cycle to sustain my every day life :confused1:

    Advice any one? Thanks in advance :smile:

    - ÄiÐêN :sweatdrop:
  2. Try to eat lots of snacks?
    and how about those healthy energy bars? those might be good for snacking.
    I heard that GNC has shakes too. but the problem with them is your supposed to drink it then eat too..but I heard that you get so full after it. but it's worth a try :smile:
    Someone in my family is having this problem actually.she's having a hard time gaining weight too.
    Best of luck to you :flowers:
  3. What does your typical day consist of (eating wise)? You may be eating a lot but not eating anything with proper nutrients.
  4. Hmm well thanks for your replies guys :smile: I guess I tend to skip breakfast sometimes and my lunches aren't always 'enough'. Maybe I should just eat as much as I can whenever I can :nuts: Lol, but I guess the main thing is to be consistent...

    - ÄiÐêN :P
  5. You can not skip breakfast or lunch or dinner... and you need 2 snacks in the day. You need to make sure you are getting food from all of the food groups- make sure you are getting tons of protein and carbs (healthy carbs) and fruits and veggies.
  6. Tip my doctor gave me when I had this problem; Eat nuts! They are delicious and contain healthy fats.
  7. Oh I thought about nuts but never actually tried it! :smile: Thanks for that; because I need protein but I'm not really much of a carnivore :P Nuts sound like a good option!

    - ÄiÐêN :nuts:
  8. When I was 16, I considered myself too skinny and was desperate to gain weight. It is something that happened all on its own as I have gotten older. I am still thin, but not "skinny" as I used to consider myself to be. So hopefully you will gain the weight that you want without too much worry, but if not, you can always see a nutritionist that can help with recommendations.
  9. ^^^ Oh, ok thanks for that! :smile:

    - ÄiÐêN :nuts: