Question on Bleeker straps.... Can someone help?

  1. I would like to get the smaller bleeker duffle because of the cross body style, but i am wondering can the larger bag be worn cross body as well? Is the strap on the large duffle just as long as the smaller duffle? I have the smaller grass duffle and the strap is great!

    If someone can help me, i would much appreciate it. TIA!!
  2. No the strap on the large bleeker isn't nearly as long as the one on the smaller. Only if you are a pretty small person would the larger one be able to be worn cross body.

  3. Thank you ! I really want that Magenta Bleeker, but not sure how it would carry, i only bought the smaller ones to use as cross bodies.... i am such a sucker for cross body and satchel bags...
  4. I dunno. That magenta is so pretty, I'd forgive it not being cross body I think:love: