Question on Bicolors

  1. All these gorgeous bicolor bags have gotten me craving for one too. I have a question about it though ...
    Most bicolor I've seen so far has the piping the same color as the interior of the Bag. Is there any way that one can specify that the piping color be different from the interior?
  2. Should be possible, via a special order. But IMO it's nicer when the inner lining extends the colour of the same.
  3. Thanks arcangel. Does it take longer to order a bicolor as opposed to a regular one?
  4. difference...according to me SA. In fact, he said that one should make the most of the oppty for a Special Order to create something unique....

    My special order is another bicolour birkin... waiting impatiently for it to come...
  5. Same here also. I love has that certain "personality" and a "Pop" of color is the icing on the cake!!

    My SO is the HAC 36cm Graphite with Rouge Garance Piping and Interior.
    Im hoping this will get confirmed as to overall solid Graphite HAC36cm option.
    (It has a Ruthenium hardware too)

    Im impatiently waiting for that confirmation in April.
  6. sounds fab! what leather would your HAC come in?
  7. bicolours to me are really tricky. they look great but i'm so fearful that i'd get sick of the combo, kwim?
    a few months ago i thought the chocolate/cyclamen mix was gorgeous. it still is, but im over the idea of a chocolate bag. i want Noisette or Estruque--something really rich and warm and woodsy. would that go with a Cyclamen lining? i don't know.
    but the idea of the piping NOT being coloured is a great idea, because you get the beauty and surprise of a gorgeous interior without compromising the look of the exterior.
  8. Croissant: good point. I thought about just the interior and solid exterior
    also. I think Noisette or Estruque will go absolutely Divine with the
    Cyclamen interior/piping..What about VIOLETTE???. It's great
    combo. Its darker than Cyclamen. How about Potiron or Rouge

    Archangel: My leather options are Clemence or Togo.
  9. As a fan of bicolor bags... I wouldnt say the piping compromises the look of the exterior... coz the contrast piping is really very subtle and it defines the shape of the bag. I've taken a picture of my choc/red birkin.. and you can see that the effect is rather subtle with just a hint of red at the edges

  10. Arch: Luv Ur Bag!!

    I hope my SO will look as fantastic as yours!!! I cannot wait!!
  11. arch your bag looks gorgeous!! i'm so finicky sometimes- patterns and combos have to be thought out long and hard before i commit. by compromising the exterior i meant more along the lines of me having to commit, not that the exterior looks worse with the bi colour piping. it definetely enhances it! im as close to a "typical guy afraid of commitment" as you can get in the body of a woman. lol
  12. quite sure your SO will look great... Hermes craftsmanship is infallible...
  13. luvurbag- violette is a gorgeous idea! ok, maybe i can if only i can get a SO :smile:
  14. you must get a bicolor bag.. they are so great
  15. I really like the bicolour ones that are for example blui roi on the interior and vert anis on the outside. I'm not fond of the piping being a different colour, but that's just my opinon. When the bag is closed, you won't see the second colour so if you get tired of it, you just close your bag ;)