Question on Belt bag whiskers

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  1. Yeah, your way seems very smart for saving space! :biggrin: How is the top handle holding up when hanging like that? I would assume it could get "pointier"?
  2. I put tissues and the dustbag under the handle, so that the form stays. Works fine, no change of the handle
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  3. thank you for sharing your storage methods! I watched your video on youtube, it was very informative :smile:
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  4. Sounds like a great solution, I will look into that as my collection grows :biggrin: I don't have many bags at all but I am already running out of space!
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  5. Oh, a YouTube channel! How fun! What do you call yourself on there @Nivahra ?
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  6. it's the same as her username here - I had already watched the video prior to this, and then realised that the username looked familiar!
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  7. Thank you very much!
  8. Yes, I got so much information on YT and decided to give informations back I call myself the same-nivahra!
  9. Firstly I bought my frost nano belt thanks to @Nivahra :wave:

    But I already had the mini belt from it’s first release and the whiskers are fine. It used to be stored in a dust bag and I too would fold the whiskers under but not too tight. Now it’s out in a unit without the dust bag and the whiskers are folded not under but down and beside the bag. Again they’re just fine. They don’t stay in that shape.

    When I am using the bag and place it I always put the back edge down and sort of slide it back but without the bag actually touching the surface while sliding. It makes sure that the whiskers sit nicely and I have it down to a fine art.

    I may be in the minority here but I prefer the old fastening. It was easier to hook it than it is to marry up the magnets. Having said that neither is an issue.
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