Question on Belt bag whiskers

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  1. Hi everyone! :smile:

    I've been saving to get my first Celine bag for a while now, and am currently torn between the Nano Luggage and the Micro Belt. Currently, I'm leaning more towards the Micro Belt as it's a little less popular than the Nano Luggage (and also seems to transition more easily between work and weekends).

    However, I'm a little concerned about how the Belt bag's "whiskers" wear and age over time - I've seen a lot of photos on blogs and consignment sites where the "whiskers" get bent and stick out at angles when the bag is being worn - for some reason the thought of having to keep straightening the whiskers out really bothers me :/
    The most common complaint I read about seems to be the difficult clasp, but I'm used to overly secure bags so I won't mind that.

    Are there any Belt bag owners out there who would be able to share their experiences with the whiskers, please?
    Is it difficult to ensure that they stay straight? Do you find them annoying or in the way whenever you're out and about? There doesn't seem to be any information at all on this online.

    Thank you!! :smile:
  2. I actually like to keep the belts curved under the bag so that's the way I store my belt bags. I have all 3 sized and prefer the nano clasp but haven't found any of them to be overly onerous. Of my 30 bags, my belt bags are my favorites
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  3. I have the micro belt! I have had zero issues with the whiskers getting bent/getting worn down. To be fair I've only had it for about 4.5 months, but I've never had to give the whiskers a second thought. The micro size is light enough that even if you set your bag down on top of the whiskers, there's not enough weight to bend/crease them. I've never had to straighten them or do anything with them at all really. I think by default the whiskers curve a bit under the bag, but I think that curve is gorgeous and really complements the shape of the bag.

    The clasp wasn't annoying at all, but tucking the flap under the belt was a little frustrating at first! If you don't tuck it just so, it won't slip under the belt. I got used to the correct tucking position within the first month, and it hasn't been an issue since then.
  4. I have the mini belt bag and don't have any issues with the "whiskers". Like another poster, when I store my bag in its dust bag, I make sure they are curved underneath the bag.. when I take it out to use, I just straighten it out! Also - when you purchase the bag, the whiskers are kept curved too (my SA suggested I continue to do so.. so they don't get wonky due to bad placement while storing). I do not mind the clasp as well - sometimes I clasp over the belt part, rather than ticking it under like how it's suppose to be.
  5. I don’t have issues with the whiskers, which I didn’t consider until your post. The clasp isn’t a problem once you get used to it. I prefer that it’s a secure bag, especially using it on the subway, etc.
  6. The nano clasp does seem to be the preferred clasp of most people. Thank you for your reply, sounds like you have an amazing collection :smile: The belt bag is so stunning in its simplicity!
  7. Thank you so much for your detailed reply! :smile: It's great to hear your experiences, especially re: the micro not being too heavy to bend/crease the whiskers. I do share the same opinion with you in thinking that the slight curve of the whiskers under the bag is gorgeous - it's when they're at a super extreme bend (close to 90 deg) that I'm not too fond of personally. With the clasp, it seems to be a non-issue once people get used to it, which is nice to know!
  8. It's nice that there are two functional ways of clasping the flap, it gives the bag 2 different looks (and levels of convenience)! Thank you for sharing your experience with your belt bag :smile: It's helpful to know that it's easy to straighten the whiskers out from the curve they get during storage.
  9. Thank you for your reply :smile: Agreed, the zip + clasp combo will mean I won't have to be paranoid about pickpockets in crowded places!
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  10. I have the small belt bag (the largest, discontinued version), I am also worried about the whiskars, so I store it on the outer egde of a shelf, so that the belt straps can "fall" straight down.

    Like this, but even futher out: Celine-Micro-Belt-Bag-Navy-2250.jpg

    But of course it makes it more tricky to store it in the dust bag, as you'll need to keep the opening downwards and open for the whiskars to be able to fall freely.

    A question for anyone who knows:

    Why is keeping the bag in the dust bag important? What does it do/help with? Exceptionell for preventing bags from getting dusty or ruined by potential sunlight (depending on where the bag is stored ofc)? Are there more reasons? Is dust harmful for bags? :flowers:
  11. Sadly, that's the reason why I sold my Belt. I just couldn't handle the whiskers in storage. My Belt was light-colored and I hate not being able to store it in the dust bag.
  12. Here is a picture how I store mine:[​IMG]

    I like the whiskers straight
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  13. Yes! This is exactly what I tried to explain in my reply above! :lol:
    I love the little picture attached like that! :giggle:
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  14. Or, wait a second, maybe not, your's is not standing on a shelf, it's hanging from a golden hook, is that right?
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  15. Yes, that‘s right! But standing on a shelf with the whiskers hanging down is perfect, too!
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