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  1. Hi guys,

    I just bought my first Balenciaga City bag few days ago but I noticed the raw suede tassels are beginning to split into two. Is it normal? And what did you do with it, just leave it or glue it or something?
  2. i think it's normal for some times used, but if your still new and only bought it a few days ago, maybe you shoulc exchange to the store?
    i don't glue my split tassels.
  3. I'm not a fan of split tassels bc to me 4 hanging tassels look too busy, so I'd glue them back together with glue suitable for leather. If you want to prevent them from splitting too soon, try not to pull the tassels when you zip & unzip the bag... but hold as close as you can to the zipper, if that makes sense! I found that makes a lot of difference.
  4. when i got my black weekender, the tassel was partially split already. i had an extra set that could exchange it with, but i decided to completly split it all the way myself. so now i have four pieces of leather hanging in the wind... and honestly it kinda looks cool.:supacool: i love the that last pic LP has on her blog... LP, i'm very inspired!
  5. my eggplant shopper's tassels are split all the way :P
    and i love it... it's like having much more
  6. I think it's kinda cool that we can look at the splitting as a positive thing (glass half full instead of half empty) -- but if it's not okay with you -- and considering it is a brand new bag, I would take it back & get a replacement (or at least get some replacement tassels)!
  7. i wouldn't mind having the tassles split if they didn't get tangled up in everthing. but it's up to you to glue them back.
  8. I think I'm lucky because my tassles have never split not on my ink city which I used to use daily for almost 6 months until greant pushed her from her throne, nor the cornflower. I don't know about the grenat yet but they seem to be pretty good as well. But if it happens I'll have 4 instead of 2 tassles which is fine with me.
  9. ITA!:yes:
  10. My bags are still too new to have split tassles, but it is from wear, and if we don't wear our bags, what is the point of having them? I look forward to splitting tassles, it means my bags are loved and *used* : )

    If it bugs you, then get other tassles, especially since the bag is so new!

    I wish you well,

  11. personally I like having unsplit tassels at first... why dont you just switch out the splitting ones with the extra set? you could also glue 'em back together with a flexible contact cement, but its a new bag, you shouldnt have to do that quite yet.

    I think after the extra set of tassels runs out- I might just remove 1/2 of the split tassels and just have 1 that is raw suede and leather... I think thats cool!
  12. here's pics of my tassels that i purposely split myself when it started splitting half way. i love it that way on my black weekender, but it might not look right on some colors. the split ones are softer. i think it looks kinda cool. she's got attitude! :supacool:
    tassel3.jpg tassel2.jpg tassel1.jpg
  13. Very cool looking, Esile!!!:wlae: I think the split tassels look cool when they are dyed all the way and not the ones that are white on the sides and not completely dyed like we've seen lately on some bags.
  14. ^agree with pupsterpurse. it looks fine if both sides of the tassel is dyed. otherwise, i think it's overwhelming and a bit too messy.
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