Question on Balenciaga Leather

  1. hey guys,

    could someone please explain whats going on with the different balenciaga leather(s)? I've been going over some b-bag threads and a couple mention how the company's switching back to an "original" leather in the Fall?
    Whats the difference in texture and quality?
    Or has this already switched back?

  2. I don't see any difference in quality, only in texture. The "new" leather is waxy/shiney and more folds/crackles. The "old" is like regular leather, not as shiney, etc. I have both, and love them both. If I had to pick though, I'd probably pick the "old" leather.
  3. oops...I think you're right about the "old" leather returning in the fall, along with the new beautiful colors...can't wait!
  4. I can't wait neither. I hope the new "old" leather will be as nice as we all expected.
  5. I'm definitely getting a City when they go back to the old leather in the fall.:love:
  6. Currently, their leather is distressed leather..
  7. the old and new (and new-old!) leather is all distressed, but the old one was matte, verrry soft, and very slouchy.
    the newer leather (after SS 05) has a sort of top glaze and crackle on it, so it's shiny, and a bit stiffer.
  8. The swatches on ateliernaff for fall seems like they're shiny though. I'm not sure, maybe it's just because of the flash.