Question on bags...

  1. Hi, many of you guys have insurance on Birkins and Kellys. I contacted my insurance company, and they said they could not add bags b/c bags can worn out easily and easily damagable. How did you guys state to your home insurance company and they agree to cover your bags? I am really upset.:rant: :mad: At first they said they would cover them (with extra $900 on the top of home insurance fee for my 2 ostrich Birkins and croc. Birkin), and then they decline it. It does not make sense that such an expensive item has no way to be insured? PLEASE give me some advice. I am really anxious about it b/c it seems everyone has no problem getting insurance but me.:cry:
  2. our insurance has a section to cover personal items including jewelry, purses, etc. so we just picked a big amount in that section and we're covered. my stuff isn't individually covered, like i didn't itemize anything for them. i have my receipts.
  3. :shocked: thats weird as i always had them under my homeinsurance as a plus (the bags the clothes etc) and it was no problem at all. but of course not wearing fdamage was covered just vandalism(someone attacking your bag with aknive) robbery and theft
  4. It should just be an addendum to your existing homeowners insurance. No need to itemize....just keep all receipts and take photos.
  5. Yup, same as Shopmom and Lilach. And my insurance co. will cover any item lost or stolen outside of my home, up to 10% of the total value of all of my insured personal property.
    My insurance agent took pics of my H bags and has copies of the receipts.
  6. Thank you for your helpful info.!