Question on Backorder

  1. Ok, I had asked in another thread about other bags available in the pond color and someone suggested a shoulder tote #10328. Called my store and they are sold out but they could do a backorder just no gaurantees. Two questions:

    If I backorder now will I get pce discount?

    Has anyone backordered a purse and ended up getting it?
  2. I was told today that pond was no more.

    I returned one yesterday that had a stain on the back and lots of scratches, so that may be the only one in the system
  3. Yes, the geranium satchel I got was done that way because there were so few showing up in the system. The order was faxed in and actually filled the same day. A price adjustment was done when it arrived so that I got the discount. Does CS say there are any at the warehouse?
  4. Well my store said they would call me if one was returned to them or in the area. So I guess it is eBay watching for me to see if it becomes available. :crybaby:I need to pay attention to the new stuff and check website regularly. No missing out again, I learned my lesson. The satchel is still available but is a bigger than I want, heavier feeling and I dont know about the clasp. I have till Sunday to decide and get pce so who knows.
  5. Call the coach @ the Aventura mall in aventura fl. They had some as of last Sunday.
  6. i know some stores still have it, b/c i checked the system at work (i'm an SA). So keep your hopes up, maybe an SA can get it for you
  7. my store has a pond shoulder bag!! I'll PM you with the details ...

  8. Thank you! I actually posted this and another girl responded with a store that had one, called them and they are sending it to me.

    I really appreciate that you would let me know about it though. It is why I love getting on here and talking to everyone here. So much support and help when needed.