Question on Authentic Italian Lasagna

  1. My daughter's B-day is next Saturday. I invited over my house a few family and friends for the party. I wanted to cook a homemade authentic lasagna...I've been looking over the internet for good recipes that stand out..some people said to cook the noodles before..some other don't :confused1: any experts or italian folks here? Need help. :smile: TIA!
  2. Traditional lasagna, you boil the noodles first. But there are some good no boil ones out there these makes it so much easier.

    Do be sure to use plenty of sauce. I always put my lasagna together the day or night before, then just pop it in the oven day of.
  3. I use no bake noodles as well, but do use plenty of sauce and cheese!!
  4. I have found that the very best way is to buy the no-bake noodles, and boil them for two minutes, then assemble your lasangne.

    This is how my Dh does it, and he makes the BEST lasangne. In fact, he made it for me last night. Yum!
  5. I'm married to a VERY Italian family. MIL still makes a huge Italian feast every Sunday evening filed w/ sausage, meatballs, antipasto, bread, raviolis, etc. . . .
    First make your own sauce/gravy/marinara and boil the noodles first.

    It's actually yummier the 2nd day so I'd bake it the day before:yes:
  6. I am Italian and yes, boil the noodles first!
  7. good stuff girls!!!! I'll take pics. of my lasagna...let's see how it turns out :sweatdrop: