Question on a Pink BV

  1. Hi guys,

    I saw a girl with a abeautiful pink BV i think quarzo color and it had like gold chains all over is in a design.. similar to wahts on the BV site now in white ( although im not sure if thats chains on the BV site) does anyone know what its called and teh price>? im going to try and look for one
  2. Hi Baby Boo,

    if the bag looked similar to the white one on the website right now, it probably actually was the Catena Veneta in some other color. The pictures on the website don`t show the chain too good, but if you search the sale section of the website, you see two zippered coin purses, one in Parma and one in Trifoglio with the Catena chain detailing shown a little bit clearer.
  3. Where on the BV site? There is quite a number of bags up there.
  4. I think she means the white Catena Veneta, Shop Online section, Women`s Handbags, second page, the first one from the right.
  5. I really like that one! Good luck finding one, Baby Boo!:yes:
  6. i found a pink one.. the dark pink on 40% off but i didnt know if it was a popular bag or not so i passed!!

    ahhh its exactly like the white one on the site!!