Question on a multi pocket

  1. I need help from you great MJ fans.......
    I have 4 Marc Jacobs so I'm really pretty good at telling a fake. I even already own a small multi pocket. So I buy a large Multi Pocket off eBay. The problem I'm having is the bag seems to be real...expect for one thing which I'm sure everyone can help with. I bought it off eBay because I prefer silver and the new one's all have gold. I have always bought my MJ's from a store. I know I took a chance, but the only thing different about this one than the others is the name plate. The name plate inside only says Marc Jacobs. My name plate in my Stella only says Marc Jacobs but inside it has a leather patch that says made in Italy. All the other one's say Marc Jacobs Made in Italy under his name on the plate. Do I have reason to worry or does he not always do the name plates the same. I'm pretty sure the bag is real...this is the only thing that doesn't seem like the others. Thank you for your help
  2. The name plate on my multipocket only says Marc Jacobs as well. I bought mine at Bergdorf's (washed rose, silver hardware, not very recent though). I hope that helps.
  3. MII is always located somewhere in the bag. If it's not on the nameplate, then it should be located either on a patch like your Stella, or imprinted on the suede or interior leather lip. You have to really look for it, but if your bag is real, then you'll find it. Let us know what you find!

    And in the future, please post authenticating questions in the auth this thread above. The mods don't allow us to post questions like this in the general MJ forum. Thanks!
  4. Photos of MII imprinted on my Sophia and attached is from my Quinn, both in the suede:
  5. where is the MII in your pic Thithi?? I'm going crazy looking for it in my MP for fun. Can't find it.
  6. Thanks I will take a good look and try and find it. I will let you know.
  7. okay that took forever but yes I found it. I feel so much better now...thank you.
  8. ^Congrats on you new auth MP!

    Frances, my MII in the Sophia is to the right of the nameplate, where I rubbed down the suede a bit. Can you see it?
  9. Nope, I think I'm blind
  10. It's a very faint imprint in the blue suede on the far right of the picture.