Question on a Epi Gobelins Backpack

Need a little help here...not real familiar with this line as I am with the mono so if anyone can lend their expertise I would appreciate it. My specific question is the zipper pull. Did it always have a lock for one of it's pulls? This bag stated by the seller is no longer available so can't find pictures to compare. Also, overall do you think the bag is worth the price? Thanks for any and all help in advance. :smile:

eBay: AUTHENTIC Louis Vuitton black Epi GOBELINS Backpack (item 180057507762 end time Dec-06-06 17:45:00 PST)
Yes, I believe this bag came with a lock and keys. The zipper pulls are designed to insert a lock. Not sure about the price - seems a bit high to me considering the condition of the bag.