Question on a Chloe padlock....

  1. Hello everyone..... I have just learned of this site today and have a question..... I have unfortunately purchased a Chloe bag on eBay..... There is only one thing convincing me that its fake, on the padlock, does the key hole always point down when the chloe is facing up? If so, I need to work on getting my money back....:crybaby:
  2. if you put the padlock in ront of you the key hole should always be the right way round.
    if it does not its usualy a fake!
    put some pictures in the authenticating thread and everyone will let you know.
  3. Another good way to tell is that the keyhole looks like a tree (if a child were to draw it).
  4. i seems something about the lock on the authentic chloe tips post. maybe you could take a look